Pitch perfect training

Pitching your product or service is one of the most exciting things to a sales professional. A good pitch consists of three core elements, and is powerful and memorable.

Pitching your product or service will probably never look the same since the COVID-19 outbreak. However, as a sales professional you must always be ready to give your perfect pitch.

In this training I will teach you everything about preparing and executing the perfect pitch. It does not matter in which industry you are active.


Perhaps 90% of all pitches are not executed well. Often the pitcher has more than sufficient product knowledge and presentation skills, but the story does not have enough feel for the audience..

Executing the perfect pitch requires excellent preparation and a lot of practice (a lot!). To tackle this in the right way, it is good to have a professional help you every now and then.

For whom

This training is suitable for entrepreneurs, account managers and other professionals who would like to learn how to pitch.


There are no specific requirements.


In our high-enery training sessions we cover the following topics:

The perfect preparation

Building the perfect pitch

Language and voice usage

Build trust.

Closing the pitch


After the training I am ready to guide you further in our one on one coaching sessions. I or one of my team members can also accompany you for mental support and the latest tips and tricks.


This training is offered several times a year on the basis of registration. We want to have a minimum number of participants for the standard training courses.


This training is also possible in-company. If so, we will take a closer look in your industry and competitors. Please contact me for the possibilities.


Investing in your people is important, and it shows you care. Moreover, if your people are successful, it will also ensure success for your organization.

€ 945 is the all-in rate for our intake, training and coaching sessions.


The trainee receives a certificate of completion after successful completion of this training. In addition, the trainee will receive 12 months of free access to our support team.

Your trainer for this training is

Jochem van Dooremolen


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